Scott Lee's Family

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Eddie Lee Brantley (Sones)
Birth: ABT 1906 Mississippi, USA
Death: (unknown date)
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Birth: 9 Jun 1879 Mississippi, USA
Death: 21 Dec 1957 Leake County, Mississippi, USA (age 78 years)
Burial: Madden Community Cemetery, Madden, Leake, Mississippi, USA
Birth: 8 Jul 1884 Mississippi, USA
Death: 21 Dec 1922 (age 38 years)
Burial: Harperville Memorial Park, Harperville, Scott, Mississippi, USA
  ┌─Robert H Brantley (1835-?)
┌─Edmond Lee Brantley (1879-1957)
│ └─Ann Hardage (Brantley) (1833-?)
Eddie Lee Brantley (Sones) (c.1906-?)
│   ┌─William F Parker (c.1818-?)
│ ┌─John G. Parker (1852-1936)
│ │ └─Margaret R. Parker (Parker) (c.1820-?)
└─Edna Earl Parker (Brantley) (1884-1922)
  │ ┌─Michael Brown (c.1824-?)
  └─Maldonia Theodocia Brown (Parker) (1854-1931)
    │ ┌─Jacob Hammons (c.1794-?)
    └─Matilda E Hammons (Brown) (1823-1870)
      └─Mary B (Hammons) (c.1804-?)
  • Family
  • Descendants
Husband and children
Birth: 2 Feb 1891 Harperville, Scott, Mississippi, USA
Death: 25 Nov 1954 Jackson County, Mississippi, USA (age 63 years)
Burial: Lebanon Church Cemetery, Harperville, Scott, Mississippi, USA
Birth: 22 Oct 1925 Mississippi, USA
Death: 27 Sep 2010 Orlando, Orange, Florida, USA (age 84 years)
Burial: Glen Haven Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Winter Park, Orange, Florida, USA
Birth: 25 Sep 1928 Madden, Leake, Mississippi, USA
Death: 22 May 1994 (age 65 years)
Eddie Lee Brantley (Sones) (c.1906-?)
│ husb: Percy Leroy Sones (1891-1954)
│   dau: Doris L Sones (Brackin) (1925-2010)
│   │ husb: Alfred Coy Brackin (1919-2000)
│   dau: Junnie Lee Sones (1928-1994)
│   son: Bobbie D Sones (living)