Scott Lee's Family

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Leo Wayne Garland
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Birth: 9 Nov 1903 Oklahoma, USA
Death: 29 Oct 1970 (age 66 years)
Burial: Garland Cemetery, Stigler, Haskell, Oklahoma, USA
Birth: 4 Aug 1915 Texarkana, Bowie, Texas, USA
Death: 17 Oct 1996 (age 81 years)
  ┌─Columbus "C.C." Garland (1879-1969)
┌─Leo Garland (1903-1970)
│ │ ┌─James H Hughey (c.1864-?)
│ └─Lettie Melvina Hughey (Garland) (1883-1961)
│   └─Fannie Hughey (Hughey) (c.1851-?)
Leo Wayne Garland (living)
│ ┌─Earl M Ambler (?-?)
└─Verna Ambler (Garland) (1915-1996)
  └─Zona M Hanchey (Ambler) (?-?)
  • Family
  • Descendants
Wife and children
Birth: 6 Mar 1949 Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, USA
Death: 1 Mar 2008 Sherwood, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA (age 58 years)
Burial: Rest Hills Memorial Park, North Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA
Marriage: 28 Sep 1968 Pulaski County, Arkansas, USA
Leo Wayne Garland (living)
│ wife: Valarie Lea Saville (Garland) (1949-2008)
│   dau: Liesel Anne Garland (Riley) (living)
│   │ husb: Zachery Duane Riley (living)
│   son: Jason Wayne Garland (living)