Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Weaver:

Adolphus M Weaver (c.1855-?)
Albert Weaver (living)
Allen L Weaver (1858-1878)
Andrew J Weaver (1893-?)
Bonnie Gene Weaver (living)
Charlotte Weaver (c.1832-?)
Dufay Weaver (living)
Edith Weaver (living)
Elizabeth Gabrilla Weaver (Brown) (1858-1922)
Elton Weaver (living)
Eugene Frank Weaver (1894-?)
Fedrick B Weaver (1856-1945)
Freddie M Weaver (1892-?)
George Benton Weaver (1886-1981)
George Pinkney Weaver (1851-1932)
Irma Weaver (living)
Jessie Paul Dee Weaver (living)
Jewel P Weaver (1899-?)
John Riley Weaver (1837-1878)
Laura C. Weaver (Odom) (c.1862-?)
Lula T Weaver (1899-?)
Marcet F. Weaver (c.1871-?)
Marian H Weaver (1891-?)
Marine J Weaver (c.1869-?)
Martha S Weaver (c.1853-?)
Mary A Weaver (c.1865-?)
Mary Angeline Weaver (Hensley) (1860-1928)
Mary B Weaver (1876-?)
Melvin Weaver (living)
Minnie L Weaver (1883-?)
Moseley A. Weaver (c.1873-?)
Percy Exo Weaver (1910-2001)
Peyton J Weaver (c.1865-?)
Sarah Weaver (c.1839-?)
Sarah A Weaver (c.1861-?)
Sarah Alice M Weaver (1896-?)
Thomas J Weaver (1866-1878)
Thomas M Weaver (c.1801-?)
Tomy Josephine Weaver (1888-?)
Udell Weaver (living)
Velma Weaver (1928-2007)
William F. Weaver (c.1875-?)
William Madison Weaver (c.1835-?)
Willie Doyne Weaver (1914-1995)
Willie L. Weaver (1870-1878)