Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Saville:

Brian Saville (?-?)
Catharine Saville (c.1847-?)
Charles Omer Saville (1904-1970)
Charles Robertson Saville (1928-1984)
Darrell Patrick Saville (living)
Deirdre Anna Saville (Lee) (living)
George W Saville (c.1855-?)
Ginger Gayle Saville (Stephens) (Lang) (living)
Harold Oras Saville Sr (1929-1986)
Henrietta Saville (c.1845-?)
Issac Saville (c.1837-?)
Jacob William Saville (1858-1927)
John Saville (c.1841-?)
Keith Dennis Saville (1956-2013)
Lance Brittney Saville (living)
Lena Saville (?-?)
Leslie Dene Saville (1932-1984)
Leslie Foster Saville (living)
Lidia Saville (living)
Lindsie Anne Saville (Moseley) (living)
Martha J Saville (c.1843-?)
Mary Saville (c.1839-?)
Peter Saville (c.1835-?)
Phyllis Ruth Saville (Carson) (1941-2021)
Rachel Saville (?-?)
Rebecca Saville (c.1849-?)
Richard D Saville (living)
Robert Oral Saville (1906-1957)
Rose Omagene "Jean" Saville (Douglass) (Hill) (1926-2008)
Sophia Saville (living)
Steven Patrick Saville (living)
Tommie Janetta Saville (Seuberth) (1925-1950)
Uriah Saville (c.1811-?)
Valarie Lea Saville (Garland) (1949-2008)
Wilma Olene Saville (Gilbert) (living)