Scott Lee's Family

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Robert Keith Brown
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
        ┌─Michael Brown (c.1824-?)
      ┌─Edward Milton Brown (1853-1932)
      │ │ ┌─Jacob Hammons (c.1794-?)
      │ └─Matilda E Hammons (Brown) (1823-1870)
      │   └─Mary B (Hammons) (c.1804-?)
    ┌─Alvin Jethrow Brown Sr (1883-1958)
    │ │ ┌─Thomas M Weaver (c.1801-?)
    │ └─Elizabeth Gabrilla Weaver (Brown) (1858-1922)
    │   └─Celah S. Gant (Weaver) (c.1824-?)
  ┌─Doyce Sims Brown (1916-2006)
  │ │ ┌─Joseph F Sims (1861-?)
  │ └─Lydia Elizabeth Sims (Brown) (1884-1966)
  │   └─Liza L (Sims) (1861-?)
┌─Robert Edward Brown (living)
│ │ ┌─Simon Sigmond Wittich (c.1888-?)
│ └─Helen Irene Wittich (Brown) (1921-2010)
│   └─Josephine (Wittich) (c.1893-?)
Robert Keith Brown (living)
└─Judy Annette Kirby (Brown) (living)
  • Family
  • Descendants
Wife and children
Birth: (unknown date)
Death: (unknown date)
Robert Keith Brown (living)
│ wife: Yanru Zang (Brown) (?-?)