Scott Lee's Family

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Rebecca Lucille Tinsley (Lee)
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Birth: 18 Aug 1921 Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas, USA
Death: 25 Dec 1983 Haynesville, Claiborne, Louisiana, USA (age 62 years)
Burial: Shady Grove Cemetery, Haynesville, Claiborne, Louisiana, USA
Birth: 3 Mar 1924 Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas, USA
Death: 12 Nov 2014 Conway, Faulkner, Arkansas, USA (age 90 years)
Burial: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA
  ┌─Amos Fredrick Tinsley (1886-1967)
┌─James Fredrick Tinsley (1921-1983)
│ └─Ada Newlon (Tinsley) (1887-1933)
Rebecca Lucille Tinsley (Lee) (living)
│ ┌─Oregon Benjamin Butler (1891-1968)
└─Polly Ann Butler (Tinsley) (1924-2014)
  │ ┌─Orley E Kline (1869-?)
  └─Elsie Ruth Kline (Butler) (1897-1982)
    └─Bertha Kline (Kline) (1876-?)
  • Family
  • Descendants
Husband and children
Marriage: 8 Jun 1973 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Birth: 2 Jan 1984 Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA
Death: 15 Aug 2008 Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas, USA (age 24 years)
Rebecca Lucille Tinsley (Lee) (living)
│ husb: David Malcolm Lee (living)
│   son: Kenneth David Lee (living)
│   │ wife: Jessica Ann Barrier (Lee) (living)
│   │   dau: Josephine Benecia Lee (living)
│   │   son: Oliver Benjamin Lee (living)
│   son: Michael Edward Lee (living)
│   │ wife: Angela Kaye Weber (Lee) (living)
│   │   dau: Kaitlyn Alexandra Lee (living)
│   │   son: Ethan Matthew Lee (living)
│   son: Jason Benjamin Lee (1984-2008)