Scott Lee's Family

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Maureen Cooney
Birth: (unknown date)
Death: (unknown date)
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Birth: (unknown date)
Death: 13 Oct 1979
Birth: 19 Mar 1908 Bellmont, Franklin, New York, USA
Death: 16 Jun 1983 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, USA (age 75 years)
Burial: Mount Carmel Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, USA
┌─John J Cooney (?-1979)
Maureen Cooney (?-?)
│   ┌─Newell "Noe" Badger Sr (1836-c.1913)
│ ┌─Charles Martin Badger (1883-1946)
│ │ └─Julia Anna Relation (Badger) (1853-?)
└─Florence A Badger (Cooney) (1908-1983)
  │ ┌─William Smith (1857-1926)
  └─Gertrude Cora Smith (Badger) (1888-1951)
    └─Maude Olivine Lajoy (Smith) (1858-1910)
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Maureen Cooney (?-?)