Scott Lee's Family

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Dova E Huddleston
Birth: Jul 1893 Missouri, USA
Death: (unknown date)
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Birth: 3 Mar 1856 Missouri, USA
Death: 20 Dec 1923 Missouri, USA (age 67 years)
Birth: 9 Dec 1858 Missouri, USA
Death: 12 Mar 1935 Missouri, USA (age 76 years)
┌─William Henry Huddleston (1856-1923)
Dova E Huddleston (1893-?)
└─Saleta Cansada "Lettie" // (Huddleston) (1858-1935)
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Dova E Huddleston (1893-?)


Dova E Huddleston [del]